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We trained students from Nairobits and Ujima in producing their own stories on video for the Dutch television programme Metterdaad from EO. They gave an insight into their lives in an impressive way and demonstrated what their education means to them for now and in the future.

Through these stories, EO Metterdaad raised funds for supporting the training of these youth through projects of Edukans in cooperation with Nairobits and Ujima.


Watch the eposiodes as broadcasted on Dutch televison at NPO 2.

Television programme



In cooperation with Edukans, we trained 6 young people in the sixshotstory approach to develop their own stories into a scenario. These scenarios were the base for their vlogs and these were incorporated in the EO Metterdaad production. Through this unique way, they got insight into their own lives and contributed to a television programme.


The beginning

After a short training, the participants discovered their own story and translated this into a creative vlog.

Our Approach

All individual stories were translated into a shixshotstory. We created a storyboard based on these stories. 

What did we do?

Participants filmed and edited their own vlogs so we could produce our television production. 

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